​Dorothy the first time died 12 years old. To me say that was the. Crazy thought, but her now I believe in order to crazy I can I wonder. So they are no matter is not in. But am I not???

Then the world my I think like a is not the place.

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Did you not understand? Anyway. At the end of understand the. Read you’ll know. Am I crazy you do you ???”
This place day for the dark orange, solar black, night the white. Everything is more terrible and brutal. Everything you to re-to discover the prepare for…

Death warrant

​ ​A sudden explosion sonlarının that they thought.Rebellion founded in kayran      built being and Thomas the maze before entering A solar flare that hit the, world human population of most of killed. However, the worst days more there hasn’t been.Mark and Trina that the Sun explosion the right to go has managed to.but now a virus quickly spread.people murder fractious a virus.”treatment yet. escape no“He has managed to stay alive for two young people’s lives can be saved and that they understand that’s why one solution to find the work.   




This story  is 16 years old living in the United States to do the selection of a young man. The choice will be either family or community will have to find it s own identity chicago.                                    But remains undecided thomas.                  Therfore it made a choice that surprised everyone,including himself. This book selections, heart-wrenching betrayals,blood- curdling results and full of unexpected love, voltage series a book about the dark future.

Kitap Dünyası

Küçüklüğümden beri kitaplari cok severim. Onlar olmasa sanki nefes alamiyormusum gibi hissediyorum.Onlara bagimli olmusum bi yerden sonra yaşam  kaynagim mi desem yoksa kitap mi ?? Tabikide yasam kaynagim. Oksijen=kitap yani benim icin budur kitabin tanimi.                                        Benim hayatima göre kitap  mucize ötesi bisey.Sizcede öyle degil mi ? Beni benden daha iyi tanimliyor sanki kendimi kitapta buluyorum . Düşüncerimi kitaplar anliyor ve bana anlatiyor sanki.


 Bad boy is very excited book. The book hero is vini uehera. The book writer büşra küçük.I recommend you read the book because the book according to the wolves ❤💎